How to get free facebook account
-Hotmail or Outlook is a mail service created by microsoft
-This mail service will remove their user data after inactive for 1 year
-This is great vulnerability of us
-We will scan for facebook account with removed mail and take over them

How to get mail?

  1. Random them
    use the List Macker Tool

Find some namelist from


and put the name into text

Select Domain “”

Lenght = 5000

and the tool will generate namelist to you

2.Extract maillist from combolist

Find combo from combolist section (others section in )

paste combo into this website

and its will extract maillist from combo

use this tool to extract hotmail maillist

How to check is email get registered on facebook or not


paste maillist into program and its will find for profile facebook (i will upload video how to get token and user agent)
now you register the hotmail account with those mail then request the password change from facebook / YES! YOU CAN TAKE OVER THAT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

You can sell these account or use in in others method

Enjoy 👍❤️