Privacy should be the top priority of anyone doing their business online, especially on Telegram , Darknet

Most of you may know many of the tools mentioned in this post but I feel compiling a good list never hurts

Step 1 – VPN

Staying anonymous should be a second nature to everyone online. You can use free/paid software for that.
One should look for a VPN that does not keep logs and even the country they are based from is also know for pro-privacy rules.

Top free software:

Your own proxy/vpn setup using linux scripts and VPS
Top paid VPN software:

iPredator (Sweden)
Mullvad (Sweden)
ProtonVPN (Switzerland)
ExpressVPN (British Virgin Islands)
NordVPN (Panama) – LQ but adding it

Step 2 – Emails

Use email providers that protect user privacy and also have encryption methods implemented in their mail system.
You can use any of the above emails to register on forums, buy subscriptions and even for personal use irl to protect your privacy:

Step 3 – Payments

Always try to use cryptocurrencies for payments, as much as you can. One should even consider using XMR (Monero) as it is completely anonymous and there is no public track on its blockchain. Howeven, If you use standard crypto, make sure you use a desktop version wallet and have taken a privacy steps first so you actually use it without exposing your real IP.

Step 4 – Purchasing Domains / Hosting is your best bet for domain registry. They use their own information to register the domain name for you. Fees are high, but worth every single cent when you view at this at the long term .

Best domain extensions for privacy:

Avoid using .com / .net / .org etc common domain extensions. Always try to use domain extensions from islands nations that are not covered by most digital worldwide laws.
Some examples include .is, .gd, .la
More info on domain extensions can be found on wikipedia here

Additional Pointers

1) Always get WHOIS privacy even if you’ll have to pay extra for it

2) Use a sandbox / rdp to test any program and always scan (can use virustotal) and keep your system clean of malwares. Malwarebytes is a must and keys are not that expensive

3) It never hurts to use Virustotal to scan any programs etc for all kinds of stuff people jack in them

Enjoy 👍❤️