Cracking is becoming easier and easier nowadays, automated tools, combo list services, proxy services. No knowledge in anything required at this point to be able to crack accounts.
Now of course first TIP would be to gain a bit of knowledge, which you will do yourself (I have posted shit ton of tutorials, about dorks, proxies, cracking e.t.c. which you can read, and tutorials by other great contributors).
It will be smart to grab some knowledge on Proxies, just enough to understand how they work and why they are needed, and which category of proxy is needed for the specific target you are going after.

Grab some knowledge on combo list-making – nowadays the only efficient way of making good combo lists is by dumping databases and parsing them into a combo list form that we all know of. (Get info regarding DB dumping and how it is done).
Checkers & Configs. I am not saying to learn how to make them, or any of these, you just need to learn how they work, why some are better than others, why you shouldn’t use public configs/checkers as well (one reason you shouldn’t is because 90% of them have hit stealers, yes that exists, you run your lists, get hits, get excited, while the guy who “contributed” getting rich from your success).


Now, as a beginner in this world, you instantly see people cracking Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Fortnite, steam, amazon, and what not, but these are so-called public targets. Public targets even though easy to hit, they are hard to hit. Why? Because it really depends on where you are getting your goods (combos) from. Nowadays HQ combo lists come from big database dumps which get resold over and over again, and there comes the same hit problem you do not even get you are getting because you get resold databases and even the reseller himself doesn’t know that, but still same thing would happen if you crack a public target using a combo list cloud service, like my service DataSense.

The best way to work with this is with something called COMBOLIST EDITING. I am not going to explain here in detail, but you can look up my tutorial and see some others. Nope, do not pay for such services, instead, think of your own edits and do them yourself, you’ve got awesome tools like Notepad++, EmEditor e.t.c. (Also, other methods would be having your own custom checker made that will auto change passwords of hits, e.t.c. here you need to be creative).
NOW the best way to avoid ^ this problem & actually PROFIT from this is to have your own “PRIVATE TARGET”. This means finding your own private site, that nobody else is cracking and do it. Maybe cash out site, gift card site, e.t.c.

You can do this by google dorking sites (learn google dorks from my tutorials as well, written from years of dork knowledge) and specific things you are needed. If you live in a 3rd world country you can find sites that haven’t experienced such attacks and you can easily fuck them and order free shit if it is your own country only. This is a great way because it should be easy to get a config done for very cheap and make huge profits without spending much on proxies either and using a combo list cloud service.

I can go on and on, but cracking is becoming serious at this point, with all services being offered, proxies, combos, checkers, configs, edits, and what not, at the moment if you want to profit you need to use BRAIN. You need to do smart decisions and think before investments and how you can make your money back. If you are not sure, do not try, but remember, WITHOUT investment there will be NO profit.
Also, do not only look for withdraw/points/gift card sites, look for sites and ways to exploit them. If it is a clothing site that has purchase with cc, you can crack such access and order shit, same with food sites, you can get gift cards, sell accounts at your school, crack bitcoin withdraw sites (although these are almost all raped,

❇️ Enjoy ❇️

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