Don’t know if this method exists here but still I will post it for you guys.

Everyone can do this, you just need a brain and a vpn lol.

For example you can get GTA V on this steam sale for 5 euros

Here are the steps:

1. Let’s say you want GTA V cheaper on steam. Search on google “steamdb gta 5”

2. Enter on the first link and you will see the prices for every country on steam.

3. As you can see the cheapest price is on Argentina so let’s get to the next step.

4. Get a vpn account from this forum (i would recommend nordvpn because it has many countries and servers).

5. Sign out of steam and turn on the vpn on Argentina.

6. Now login into your steam account, head over to account details, change your country to Argentina.

Note 1:You won’t be able to change it again only in like 1-2 weeks, also make sure that you have a balance already in steam or just redeem a steam giftcard on argentina because it autmatically converts the currency from anything like EUR, USD to ARS$ (Argentinian dollars).

Note 2: If it does not work to change your country, before activating the VPN change your password and sign out, then turn on vpn and try again.

7. Now you are done, you just have to head over the steam store and buy GTA V for 5.30 euros.

 While I am writing this 350 ARS$ is equivalent to 5.30 EUR 

 You can do this for any country you want just look for the cheapest price

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